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Introduction to Undergraduate Programs

4 years BS programmes or undergraduate programmes comprises of 8 semesters in total. FG Liaquat All Degree is currently offering BS in two programmes:

  1. English Linguistics
  2. Information Technology

These programmes are affiliated with the University of the Punjab and follow standardized HEC approved curriculum. Open for both boys and girls, these 4-years degrees aim to equip the young Pakistanis with necessary academic support to grow in their aspired professions.


Admission in BS is granted purely on merit basis which is set after calculating matriculation marks and marks obtained in intermediate (along with additional marks, if applicable).
Additional marks are considered in the following categories:

  • Hafiz-e-Quran = 20
  • Additional Elective = 10
  • Elective = 20
  • Additional Optional = 05
  • Optional = 10
  • Combination of Subject = 10
  • Diploma = 20

Subject marks = Marks Obtained


Following the HEC guidelines, BS programmes at FG Liaquat Ali Degree Colleges follow the below-mentioned basic academic structure:

Total No. of Credit Hours I 24 — 140
Semester Duration 16 weeks of teaching + 1 week Mid Term Examination
Course Duration Min. of 8 semesters / 4 years as per accreditation body
Extension of time limit Max. time limit of 6 years, further extendable for one year with the approval of Statuary bodies
Semester Session For Deficiency/failure/repetition of max. 2 courses of 3 CH each
Course Load Per Semester for Reg. Full-Time Students 15-18 Credit Hours

Please note that

The normal duration of a 4-year bachelor (BS) program is four years i.e., 2 semesters every year. In case of valid reasons/excuse, the period of study may be extended for two additional years (i.e., four semesters). The students who do not complete studies within the stated period will have their names struck off from the rolls of the college. The students who have been allowed to extend the duration of study for additional two years must register and pay tuition fees for these years.

  • Final Examinations will be conducted by University of the Punjab at the end of each semester. Schedule (date sheet) of final examinations will be issued by Controller of Examinations, University of the Punjab.
  • One credit hour stands for at least one hour class contact per week per semester.
  • For practical/laboratory work 3 hours will be considered equivalent to one credit hour.

Six (06) credit hours research project (dissertation)/project report/intemship/special paper will be offered in the fourth year. 6 Lab Credit hours are denoted by two digits within a bracket with a hyphen/plus in between.Thus 4(3+1)/4(3 —1) means a total of 4 CR, of which 3 are of theory while one CR is for Lab./ Practical work.


  1. All courses are classified into two categories:
    • Foundation / Generahcarttrinfrom
    • Major / Core Courses from area of specialization).
  2. A total of 78-87 CR must be earned taking a sequence of introductory, intennediate and advanced level courses prescribed for the major area of concentration.
  3. The courses for BS English consists of 70% of general curriculum leading towards discipline specific areas.
  4. BS Information Technology programme consists of 70% of curriculum towards the discipline specific areas of concentration as req. by Accreditation Councils.
  5. Al undergraduate programmes have a required component of 8-9 courses of 22-25 CR of general education. (Please note that HEC policy regarding course weightage and other details can be found on HEC official website)
  6. An undergraduate degree programme usually includes theory courses, community work/ thesis/ research report/ project and internship.
    • THEORY: A theory course is of 3 to 4 CRs as per requirement of the discipline.
    • PROJECT: Every student should write a report thesis or complete a project in the final year upto max. 6 CRs individually on a research topic approved by the faculty.
    • INTERNSHIP: students should be encouraged to do internship in a relevant academic, research or business organization, relating to the discipline chosen for specialization, of maximum of 3 CR offered in any upper division semester as per requirement of the discipline.


  1. If a student gets 'F' grade, he will be required to repeat the course or its recommended alternative, if any. However, "F" grade obtained earlier will also be recorded on the transcript.
  2. An undergraduate student may be allowed to repeat a course in which he has obtained grade below "C". In such a case both the previous and new grades obtained will be recorded on the transcript; however, only the higher grade shall be calculated for CGPA.


  1. A student must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the final examination.
  2. In case the student remains absent from the class for seven consecutive days without leave, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.
  3. Students,having less than 75% class attendance in a particular course, will be required to repeat the course in the same semester next year. Names of such students will be reported by the college to University of the Punjab and these students shall not be allowed to appear in the final examinations.