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About the College

E.G. Liaquat All Degree College is one of the leading colleges in Rawalpindi region. The college is a premier public sector institution which is imparting quality education to a great number of students at Intermediate and Degree level under the auspices of the Directorate of Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cants and Garrison), Ministry of Defence, Rawalpindi.

The college was established in 2007 as an inter-college for boys. Later, considering the growing needs of the quality academic facilities, BSc classes were introduced in 2010. The year 2019 witnessed an escalation in the institute's overall repute as the Department of English inaugurated 4-Years BS Programme in English Linguistics in affiliation with the University of the Punjab. A year later, the department of Computer Sciences also initiated 4-Years BS Programme in Information Technology. The year 2021 beheld even a greater revolution, when the college opened its doors to the female students (for Undergraduate Programmes only). and offered equal seats for both boys and girls on general merit.

Since its inception, the college has gained tremendous popularity in the vicinity, among the students and the parents alike, for its quality education, remarkable results, a matchless supervision of dedicated and experienced faculty, and outstanding management. Every year, a large number of students aim for enrolment here owing to its exceptional academic and commendable co-curricular achievements and disciplined environment.

Located at a prime site on Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi, FG Liaquat Ali Degree College is housed in a beautiful and purpose-built campus equipped with all the necessary pre-requisites for its students: spacious classrooms, well-equipped science and computer labs, a big and well-stocked library with thousands of books on various subjects, an advanced digital library, a huge auditorium, a state of the art sports ground and a well- maintained Cafeteria. A mosque has also been built recently to meet the religious needs of both the students and the faculty.

The Mission and Vision of the college is:

  1. To establish the dignity and worth of each student.
  2. The development of students' personality according to Islamic Ideology.
  3. To inculcate in the minds of the students the true spirit of patriotism and the practical significance of the guiding principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline.
  4. To strengthen the interaction between Teachers. Students and Parents for collective welfare.

The college lays great stress on overall personality development of its students and inspires their intellectual. social, spiritual and physical progress. It aims to chisel their innate talents, polish their progressive skills, and unshackle their latent potential to transform them into useful, active and creative citizens of Pakistan. Therefore, along with counselling and academic training, sports are taken as integral part of a proper growth of human personality. The sports enthusiasts can satisfy their quest for many outdoor and indoor games, such as. Badminton. Basket Ball. Hockey. Cricket, Football and Table Tennis.

The repute of the college has soared higher with each passing year. The hard work, dedication and the spirit of selflessness of the team— the Principal, the Faculty, the NTS, the Students and the Parents— is responsible for the pride of the College. The Principal is the Ilead of the institution. who is empowered to run day to day administration of the college and to implement policy directives of the FGEI Directorate. Principal's decisions and orders in all matters of the college are binding on all students on roll.